APPs + Dashboard

To build up APPs, integrated with dashboard, from scratch and operate for client to gain insight into any data at a glance and ease day to day data management.


To transform dashboard into analysis tools to find new opportunities as well as "treasure" out of huge amount of data

Our services


Consultation with clients is key to success of project. Comprehensive understanding to client's business is underlying structure of BI platforms. We always value voices from clients throughout the project.


Saying good bye to Excel spreadsheet and make the data related process automated. To connect target data direct, blend and join data sets with one another. 

Our Vision

The fundamentals of safe transportation of cargo by sea have changed little over the years and are unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future. In recent years however, progress within the IT industry has been revolutionary and these developments may be applied to shipping to provide cost cutting and efficiency benefit. We are delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive IT based service to the shipping industry that is constructed with the sole objective of improving efficiency and as such competitiveness.

Our Methodology

Services and solutions available today will almost certainly be superseded by more efficient programs tomorrow for such is the rapid development of technology. We will constantly monitor such improvements and in close consultation with our clients we will propose and custom develop the most currently available solutions to meet their specific requirements. Freight markets can move quickly and our objective is to allow the client to enjoy full and current data visualization in order to make quick yet efficient decisions when responding to market requirements.


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Increase Visibility In Shipping

In Pursuit Of Business Intelligence In Maritime Transportation 

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Visualize your data

Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis

Business Intelligence

Visualization give you a quick insight. Connect data direct. Eliminating manual works to prepare report for analysis, this saves your time. Focus on datra analysis to set up new strategy.

Put all data together on dashboard

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Our Solutions

Visualization ideas are unlimited and in millions ways. Those are just examples, not representing our service and products.


Tailor-made APPs

We create APPs from any of your own data originated from existing system, Excel spreadsheet, or whatsoever.  Absolutely tailor-made, you simply tell us what is APPs you wished to have. APPs ideas are in millions ways to digitise your workflow. 

APP ideas are unlimited and in millions ways. Those are just examples, not representing our service and products.

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Please feel free to contact us for any queries and request for demonstration.

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